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Three things:

1. Happy new year! 2007 is -- so far -- freakin' fantastic. I started coming down about twenty minutes ago, but whatever. So far, so good, hope yours in the same.

2. I hate making New Year's resolutions because the arbitrary "starting from the first of the year" thing makes all the rest of the resolutions I make over the course of the year seem somehow inconsequential. I vow, however, to get back into the habit of posting frequently to livejournal. I don't really know how it stopped, but it should start back up.

3. I've finished one of the bigger music projects I've been working on. It's a suite inspired by -- cliche as this is -- the seasons. Go ahead, roll your eyes. It's been finished for a few days, and I'm still happy with it, which must mean something. Four semi-orchestral pieces, blah blah blah. I don't want to give them away for free yet, but you can stream them from my MySpace profile. I haven't even informed the MySpace kids yet, so you're getting the info early. Please take a listen.

Oh, and:
In 2007, SacredSpud resolves to...
Keep my cardboard clean.
Be nicer to tmcm.
Give some potatoes to charity.
Cut down to ten robot monkeys a day.
Pay for my little robot queens on time.
Drink four glasses of you every day.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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