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Das ist ein Thursdayposten

Today in our Secret Santa gift exchange, spidermoon77 got a muppet today that sings Manamana.

He wouldn't let me try it out on the grounds that it was too loud. Oh, well.

Very little of note has been going on because both my work life and my free time have been extraordinarily busy with banal things. There've been highlights here and there, though.

Last weekend, for example, theenigma42 and koriandrkitten had a Decemberween party, which was enjoyable. They gave me an early Christmas present: a few episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy on VHS. I'm pretty thrilled about that. I loved that show when I was about fourteen, and although he's never taught me anything genuinely useful, I find Mr. Nye incredibly amusing. It would be nice if they'd bring out a two-disc "Best of" collection, like they did for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I'd buy that. I'll also buy his new show, The Eyes of Nye if it ever comes out.

Uh, anyway, I went to Rocky Horror last weekend -- as usual, and met a coworker and her friend there. It was fun bringing old Rocky fans to the current show, since they hadn't attended in at least four years, and the show has changed a lot since then. I was afraid that the high concentration of geekiness at Perkins probably turned them off, but my coworker reported having had a good time on Monday, so what do I know? She gave me a Christmas card today which said something about alcohol, and yesterday she sent me a link to a news article about the benefits of occasional alcohol consumption. Think she's trying to convince me to start drinking?

What else... Oh, on Monday we exchanged cookies at work, which I agreed to do on the grounds that it would be marginally more fun and a better investment than Secret Santa. So now I have all these cookies that I don't need, but I'm hoping to get rid of some of them tonight.

The next episode of Science Fiction Double Feature will be up -- hopefully -- tomorrow. This time we talk about Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and Santa Claus: The Movie, which, since I keep having to explain this to other people, is not the horrible, horrible abomination starring Tim Allen.
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