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December 15th, 2006

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01:57 am - Masters of Horror
Woah! Robert Piccardo just got killed by a zombie!

Normally this wouldn't be worth posting on my livejournal (who knows how many zombie-induced murders I've witnessed from behind this laptop?), but I really enjoyed it. Mr. Piccardo oughta play right-wingers in more zombie movies.

I have Friday off, so I'm wasting my late night by watching episodes of Showtime's Masters of Horror. If you like horror movies and haven't seen it, you'd do well to check it out. Each episode is an hour-long, low-budget, high value horror film featuring stars you recognize and directed by people you've heard of (John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon, John Landis, Dario Argento...). They've given these directors, these "Masters of Horror" free reign to make the films the way they want, and they're turning out to be pretty freakin' great. The hit to miss ratio is incredibly high, and I'd even like to show some of the episodes to my parents, who hate horror films.

The episode I'm watching right now is one of those. It's called Homecoming and was directed by Joe Dante. The writer on this episode is Sam Hamm, who wrote Batman and Batman Returns, and uh, Monkeybone. Oh, well. Either way, this episode is an extremely blatant condemnation of the Iraq war by way of zombie soldier invasion, and while the political message is shamelessly obtrusive, it would still be just as good outside the context of current events. Oh, and it features Robert Piccardo getting attacked by a zombie. I probably shouldn't tell you that. The zombies are generally docile in Homecoming, and the attack is a major turning point in the story. Sorry.

Anyway, Showtime has been throwing their money at a lot of good original productions lately, and (thanks to DVD sales) they're doing very well, and that's pretty rockin'. I used to associate them with the same almost-porn tripe that all the pay cable networks used to show Back in the Day, and stuff like Masters of Horror and Reefer Madness: The Musical makes me wish I still watched television. The only TV I ever see these days is at other people's houses, but that's fine. I let them preview everything for me and recommend the good stuff.
Current Mood: awakepretty good
Current Music: Now I'm watching the John Landis episode, which is really funny.

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