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Where've you been?!

It's been some time since I've given you a proper update, and though I'd love to regale you with an eleventy three page recap of the events you've missed, I know you don't want to read it. So here, instead, are five things that happened to me recently which have no bearing on anything whatsoever. Here we go:
  • Last night I watched Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D with agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead, which we've been threatening to do together for some time. What can I say? Apparently the rest of the Troma fans in the world thought it was lousy, but we enjoyed it, and I found it more palatable than Lloyd Kaufman's usual fare. We watched the unrated director's cut, but I gather there's a PG-13 version, which is probably the same movie minus the blood and the boobs. I still wouldn't show it to my parents, but if you've always wanted to see a New York cop transformed into a chopstick-wielding, opera-singing martial arts master, this is the movie for you, you friggin' weirdo.

  • The dealership that sold me my car loves me so much that they've sent me the same Christmas card three times! Sioux and Dave only love me one card's worth, but that's cool -- I'd rather hear from Sioux and Dave than Randy, Terry, Gabe, Jeff and Jeff any day.

  • I got a haircut! As usual, it was an interesting experience, but this time it was my fault. I had to wait longer than usual, and the radio (it was radio, not Muzak) played two Talking Heads songs in a row. I was paying attention to my environment, but I hadn't noticed that I was bobbing my head (and probably tapping my toes) along with Stay Up Late. When the stylist called my name, she first paused and suppressed a giggle. I didn't realize she was giggling at me until she asked if I wanted to finish enjoying the song first.

  • Had breakfast with Ellen and tempermemad! It's been months since I've seen either of them. I feel like I was boorish and did most of the talking, but whatever. Charlie, apparently, pronounces "crepe" just like science fiction author William Gibson does, which (tho' it is a correct pronunciation) amuses me to no end. I think what amuses me is that no one else would be amused by this.

  • Somebody at work thinks I want to buy Avon products, and somebody at Avon thinks that slapping Derek Jeter on the cover of their men's catalogue is enough to get me interested. I dunno, though... The catalogue tries so hard to associate skincare products with proud masculinity, but the next page depicts a guy curled up alone under a Dale Gordon fleece blanket with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate-covered cherries, and the lighting implies that he's sitting in front of a television... That guy's probably watching Mystic Pizza or Breakfast at Tiffany's. Maybe Say Anything, if he has good taste.

  • I lost my ability to count to five.

  • matt_william celebrated his birthday on Saturday night. The Usual Gang of Idiots went bowling, and I completely failed to win a plastic tomato. That sentence sounds so much more intriguing than an elaborate version of the same story. Either way, Saturday night was a really good time. And I think Matt enjoyed himself, which is what's important.

  • Two people list me as one of their heroes on MySpace, but they probably don't want me to identify them. I'm going to respond by being flattered, and hoping that they both stalk me. Booya, Grandma.

    Looks like I'm in good company.

    With Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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