Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
Colin Timothy Gagnon

Science Fiction Double Feature, Episode 3: King of the Zombies / Ed and His Dead Mother

Episode Three of the Science Fiction Double Feature podcast is up. This time the living dead invade the jungle and the rotary club in King of the Zombies and Ed and His Dead Mother, respectively.

Download the MP3 or stream it from, or add the RSS feed to your livejournal Friends page by clicking here.

Incidentally, if you're subscribed to the RSS feed, you'll get another announcement of the first two episodes as soon as livejournal updates its info from Odeo. I'd been encoding my MP3s at a lower bitrate to keep the file size down, but that decreases the audio quality, and I just noticed that Odeo has been re-encoding the files at 128kbps. Why settle for muddy audio if the files are going to be the same size? I've re-uploaded episodes one and two, so if you're creepily archiving everything I emblazon with my name, here's your chance for better copies of the very same files.

Actual, genuine lj entries about my life are probably forthcoming. We'll see.
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