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Pre-Thanksgiving, non-Thanksgiving post

Anybody ever seen Sleepaway Camp? No? Congrats on your standards, I guess. I promised someone I work with that I'd give them a full report on Friday, so it's on in the background. I know how this is going to work. I'm going to work on my laptop and look up occasionally, but I'll only really be paying attention when the soundtrack gets interesting, which means I'll miss everything but the violence and the sex scenes. I'm about twenty minutes in, and there have already been two acts of violence, both of which could easily have been avoided by, oh, I don't know, stepping out of the way of an oncoming projectile.

I haven't seen anything to like here yet, but I've been assured that Sleepaway Camp is the Citizen Kane of movies that are never mentioned alongside Citizen Kane. Additionally, my earliest memories of renting videos involve the box for Sleepaway Camp III, which depicted two (2) large breasts, and one (1) bloody knife. Something about the image always intrigued my intellectual curiosity, and the cheap '80s slasher genre is one where its important not to spoil the intricately plotted story by watching the violence and sex scenes out of sequence.

Anyway, shortly before I left work this evening, spidermoon77 informed me that he was going out to dinner with Heather, one of our former coworkers, and did I want to come too? I said yes, and we ended up going to Red Robin, then shopping at Borders. I'm not sure how this took five hours, but it was about ten when I got home. It was a good time. It's Heather's birthday on Saturday and I'm going to attend the get-together she's having, but I have to figure out where the place is. I have some time.

What? Somebody just got stung to death by bees in a bathroom stall. The door had been locked from the outside, and it didn't occur to the victim to crawl under the door. Yeah, this movie has some of the most poorly-planned murders ever, and victims who deserve them. Sad.

I'm going to the parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. They're having a bunch of relatives over, which should be fun. Friday will be less fun, as most of my coworkers get Friday off, but I'll be there with my boss and a few others. Oh, and we were asked yesterday not to refer to the holiday as White People Day, as it might offend the white people in management. That's uh, probably true, but the warning is more a catalyst than a deterrent. Whatever. Anyone who doesn't understand this probably doesn't have to put up with as high a level of NeoCon pride as we do.

Geez, what is this, The Crying Game? This movie would never get made in 2006. Sorry, never mind.

Oh, for anyone interested, I'll be going to see A Very Bitchy Christmas on Friday at Broom Street Theater, so if you need an acquaintance in the audience as an incentive to attend, consider yourself invited.
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