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"If this feller preaches like he hits, Satan is in for a rough season!"

Last few days have been pretty busy. Couple of the highlights:

offBeat performed a private show on Friday night to which none of you were invited (that's what private means). Sorry. Anyway, it was pretty fantastic, and one of my former co-workers showed up, which is pretty awesome. I recorded the show MP3 player. I gorged myself on leftover appetizers afterward because I'm so paranoid about eating and consuming caffeine when I'm going to have to sing that I starved myself all day. I tells ya, baba ghanoush is eleven times deliciouser on a truly empty stomach.

Today I got together with evil_jim and went to Duck Soup Cinema at the Overture Center. DSC happens (approximately) four times a year and features silent films and classic vaudeville-style entertainment. Before the show they had a bluegrass band, an a cappella group, a magician, and a juggler who made Jim and I both nostalgic for Luma Theater. The film they showed was For Heaven's Sake starring Harrold Lloyd, with whom I'm not terrible familiar. Despite being incredibly dated, it was a very funny film, and it was pretty clear that the audience -- which was much more diverse than I would have expected -- was really having a good time. The film was accompanied on the Overture Center's Grand Barton Organ, which apparently is the oldest pipe organ in Wisconsin. You'd have to hear it to understand just what I mean, but it was startling at times to look over to stage right and realize that I was listening to a live organist, and not a recorded orchestra. It was quite a grand experience, and I added myself to the DSC mailing list so that I can attend again in the future.

Anyway, it's 11:25, and I oughta be out the door for Rocky Horror, which starts in five minutes. Think I'll make it before the show?
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