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I'm number one! Wait, no, I mean Number Six!

I really need to update more often. Anyway, pretty good weekend. Pretty busy. I'm pretty tired.

On Friday night, I met a former coworker to see Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale at Broom Street Theater. I'm a little disappointed that I waited until the closing weekend to see it. What you missed -- and you really did miss something spectacular -- was the birth of a new Great American Tall Tale; the story of little JoEllen who, with strength and determination, grew up to flood the entire Round River Valley in the name of Bunyancorp (namesake of Paul Bunyan (and not the other way around, either)). JoEllen's polar opposite is Tom, a commie pinko who grew up to uh, tend a bar on a hard-to-reach cliff. Anyway, it was glorious. You did miss out. Go see A Very Bitchy Christmas when it opens on the tenth to make it up to yourself.

On Saturday was crabmoon's Halloween party. Knowing that she'd give me a hard time if I didn't dress up, I threw together a quick Number Six costume. A few people got it, so I was happy. Anyway, I had a good time at the party, and matt_william and I would have cleaned up playing Cranium if we hadn't all gotten bored with it first. Note to aspiring board game designers: If the short tie-breaker round takes longer to finish than the rest of the game, you have a problem.

This being the weekend of Daylight Saving Time, I suppose I could have stayed out an extra hour (whoopee!) but by 2:00 AM (that's the first 2:00, not the second one) I was developing a headache, so I excused myself "early."

The headache has not gone away. I'm not thrilled about this.

Last night was the Orpheum's Halloween showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

At seven o'clock.

I won't go into the politics that necessitated that scheduling -- if you needed to know, you already do, and if you didn't need to know, I'll let you scratch your heads and wonder why I'm making a big deal out of it (hint: I just enjoy making people miserable). Either way, it was a good show from the cast and was better-attended than I'd expected (given the fact that the Orpheum did exactly zero advance publicity), but the audience was still quite small.

There was a girl who asked if she could sit behind me to listen to my callbacks, and then proceeded to grill me about Rocky Horror as a cultural phenomenon. Her questions were so articulate that I asked if she was a journalist. She wasn't. Anyway, once the movie started, she had to ask a couple of times for explanations and plot recaps and "Is the cast nice?" and "Does Ash have a last name?" and "Who makes all the props?" and "Why isn't anyone throwing anything?" and finally phil_bond turned around and gave her a very concise and polite though somewhat exasperated "I can tell you're having trouble here. Look, it's only a movie." speech. She took two different phone calls during the movie, and though she had the courtesy to converse outside the theater, I don't think I'm being unreasonable when I say that after the first time, she should have turned the ringer down to something below its highest setting. The second call happened during the last five minutes or so of the movie and she didn't come back. Part of me feels bad saying that I found her annoying, but um, the rest of me readily acknowledges the fact that she was driving me nuts. I think Athena may have scared her off by coming over and sitting on my lap, and really, I appreciate it very much.
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