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Eat your heart out, Ashton.

Someone's burning incense here tonight, which means that someone has a girl over. It also means that I'm not going into the basement, partly because I don't want to disturb/witness whatever's going on down there, but mostly because that's where my laundry is, and I'm too lazy to deal with it. Ehh, I have khakis for work tomorrow. It can wait.

Anyway, today I got to spend two hours wrapping a manager's office in aluminum foil. Yes, yes, I know we were all sending each other .AVI files of foil-wrapped cubicles in 1999, long before they became a stale YouTube cliche, but everybody can't be as internet savvy as you and I (say fellows, have you heard of something called Gopher?). We were ridiculously thorough, by which I mean I was ridiculously thorough. I'm takin' the credit for that because I'm the one who individually wrapped all the little things while everybody else was focussing on the walls and cabinets. The pièce de résistance is, of course, his desk calendar, in which all of the bookmarks Post-It!™s and the pages that separate them are carefully wrapped and still functional. Most people would think it's the wrapped cup full of wrapped pens, but trust me: it's the calendar that I'm proud of. That's art, that is.
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