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* Entries must be postmarked before Octember 19th, 1951

Has everybody applied to Butt-Numb-A-Thon 8 (or Octobutt-Numb-A-Thon, as the kids are calling it). I have. I just finished my application, and have entrusted it to the care of matt_william, as the organizers of 8BNAT have requested that groups apply together. Hopefully Matt will submit my app along with his rather than deleting it or stealing answers from it. I especially hope he doesn't steal answers from it, because some of my answers are pretty lame (Question 16: "What prop from any film would you like to possess?" Answer 16: "That one guy's finger from that one movie where the one guy loses a bet to the other guy gets his finger chopped off.").

Anyway, little of interest to report... It's been a lot of the same old same old around here. The closest thing I have to an interesting tidbit is that there's an enormous TV on the curb outside. It's the biggest television I've ever seen outside of a showroom or academic setting, and it's been moving from house to house for nearly a week. Apparently the allure of a big TV is so great that it hasn't occurred to anyone that a TV that large sitting on the curb probably has a few problems. It stopped moving a couple of days ago when it rained and somebody kicked in the screen. It's a flat panel, so the screen looks more curved now than broken, but I'm sure close examination would reveal hundreds of very fine cracks.
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