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I'm running on empty and I'm leaking fluid from my head.

I'm sick and I'm miserable.

It's just a head cold. I wouldn't normally be so wiped out, but I failed completely to fall asleep last night. I called in to work around 5:30 in the morning, fell asleep sometime after seven, and woke up again sometime around 9:15.

That's not a lot of rest.

And now it's late evening, and I'm not really sure where the day has gone. I remember watching the last couple of episodes of the first season of Tripping the Rift... I finished that around 11:00, and I still can't figure out whether I like that show or not (that probably means I don't). Then I took a shower, made a quick run to the grocery store, and took a walk. This brings us up to 1:00...ish...

Seriously, what have I been doing all day? Does anybody know? I reheated some mushroom curry, I made two abortive attempts to take a nap, I made some coffee, I lost a staring match with one of the cats... That's what, another hour and a half at most? Where did all that time go? I've been conscious all day. I must be sick. Which is too bad, since I'm definitely going to work in the morning. I feel as if my body and my brain are out of synch with each other. I only experience this when I'm ill and fatigued, but hopefully I'll get enough rest tonight that I'll only have to contend with one of those tomorrow.

Oh, well. Anyway, a few months ago I was cleaning my room and filled a small box with things I'd borrowed from other people. I found that box today and have spent the last hour and a half watching Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. I missed this movie when it was new, and borrowed it from a coworker last year when I disgusted her by admitting that I'd never seen it. I wasn't excited to borrow it, and I'm not really enjoying it very much now. The effectiveness of any horror film is very subjective, and this movie just isn't doing much for me. Well, either that or it's no longer the year 2000, and the Blair Witch Project is no longer topical. I don't want to turn it off, though, partly because the background noise is pleasant enough, but mostly so that I don't have to lie myself through a discussion tomorrow when I return the DVD and the second question I'm asked is "what did you think?" The first question will be, of course, "why did you keep my DVD for so long?"

The movie's over in a few minutes. I think I'll take another walk. Then I should probably make this another early night. This time I'm tired enough to sleep well.
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