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"There were 87 Advil in the bottle, now there's 30 left. I ate 47 so what happened to the other 10?"

Before I get goin' here, I'd like to point out that I have a splitting headache.

I dunno why. It's lousy and I've tried a couple of different remedies, which haven't helped. Much as I'd like to take a few handfuls of Ibuprofen, I don't think it's a good idea.

I'm telling you about my headache in order to point out that it was bugging me before I started watching Tripping the Rift. Is this show any good? I'm not sure yet. In theory I like this kind of humor, but I dunno... I saw most of these jokes nine years ago in Space Quests IV, V and 6, and they already screwed up their opportunity to make a Microsoft Bob reference.

Anyway, not a big weekend. offBeat Acappella sang at the farmer's market on morning, and I'd like to thank those of y'all who showed up to listen. We discovered that the best place to perform is in the entryway to a closed bank, right next to the ATM. Passersby tipped us in multiples of $5. I gotta learn to play the accordion.

Oh, speaking of which, I now own an accordion, thanks to laviorli, whose dad was getting rid of his. I'm thrilled (and then some)! She gave it to me at koriandrkitten's birthday party on Saturday night, which was a good time.

I got her a harmonica.
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