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Arrr, happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye scurvy dogs!

Today I'm wearing lipstick, gar! Arrr, I wishes I could explain that, but it just sort o' happened. One moment I was returnin' from lunch and I heard someone call, "Ahoy Colin! Come here!" Next thing I knew, she was fixin' a smudge on the corner o' me lip.

No, 'twas was not an elaborate come-on, she just wanted to apply stick to me lips.

Aye, anyway, 'tis a Colorfast lipstick, which apparently means that I either has t' wait for it t' wear off naturally or buff it off with steel wool. Methinks I've no steel wool, but I just bought me some sandpaper. In the meantime...

My pirate name is:


Yarr! Were this 1987, ye'd have landlubbers like Ken an' Roberta Williams an' Steve Meretzky shakin' in their boots! Aye, but these days any 14-year-old with a dialup connection, Kazaa, and 1337 \\'aItInG sK1llz is a bigger threat to th' RIAA than you ever were. R'member that night when ye stayed up deconstructing th' VGA remake of Leisure Suit Larry I just t' defeat th' copy protection? What a waste o' time that was. Oh, an' stealing yer handle from a William Gibson novel is so 1992.

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