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"...and I don't want no cow."

Tonight I did one of my famous "go to the bar and then walk home without socializing" maneuvers. That probably sounds like a very simple thing, but generally "home" is nowhere near "bar", and being a strict teetotaler means not having the warm cushion of an alcohol buzz. One bad night in January of 2003, I ended up walking all the way from The Dry Bean in Fitchburg to our house on Washburn, which is a little over nine miles. That's a long distance when you have to be functional at work in six hours. How I managed that walk before my roommates got home is one of the great, unsolved mysteries. It doesn't take that long to make a Big Mike's run, even at bar time.

Tonight's walk was much shorter -- a little less than two miles. I'd gotten together with crabmoon, matt_william, and bluntobject, and was expecting to seeevil_jim, the_tick27, and lord_alucard, but I wasn't expecting that we would go out. It was decided -- apparently without consultation -- that we'd go to some of the bars on East Washington Ave. Phill and Matt bowed out, but I tagged along. The first place we went had a $5 cover and faced with paying to be somewhere I didn't really want to be, I simply decided to go home. Almost everybody else was inside and didn't notice me trying to get their attention, so I explained myself to Tick who was still paying and took off.

I'm really happy with this decision. On a different night I would have been fine, but tonight I was so relieved to get out of there, and I was also relieved to get a walk, if only a short one.

When I got to my car, the first two songs that played on my MP3 player were Outside Now by Oingo Boingo, and Grievances by Daniel Johnston. I doubt that anyone reading this knows both of those songs, but taken together they were depressingly appropriate. 'cept I'm really feeling pretty good about things, which is, y'know, nice.

For a couple of hours after I got home I did nothing of note, and then suddenly around 2:00 decided that tonight, definitely, should be the night that I record my cover of the aforementioned Grievances. I've been wanting to do this for ages, and made a couple of abortive attempts to arrange the music, but tonight I got it all done, complete with sloppy, impractically low vocals. Anyway, I was recording this at like, 3:30 AM, and ribsinbacon is probably wide awake and pretty upset about all the singing. Do me a favor and make it worth my while -- and his -- by downloading it: Grievances (2.7 MB).
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