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There's a big difference between all dead and mostly dead.

Holy carp, I'm posting.

Yeah, it's been a long while (read: "like, a couplea weeks") since I posted on a really regular basis. I'm trying to get back into the groove, but I've been really busy and when I haven't been really busy I've been under a lot of stress and when I haven't been under a lot of stress, I've been asleep.

But things are fine, thank you. In about an hour I'll be heading off to agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead's wedding reception. I've wrapped the "his 'n' hers" harmonicas I got for them, and soon I'll pick up crabmoon so that I'm not the only jerk there without a date. Should be a good time. I should probably, you know, put on some nice clothing or something.

Anyway, I spent most of the last week with my Dad up in northern Wisconsin, visiting some of the places where he grew up. It was a nice excuse to get out of town for a few days. The original plan had been to go camping, but the forecasted bad weather kept us from doing that. As if in reverse corollary to Murphy's Law, the weather actually ended up being incredibly nice, which worked out very much to our advantage. Hotel rooms are a lot more expensive than camp sites, but they involve a great deal less stress, and the showers are cleaner. On the way home we stopped to visit briefly with my aunt who lives in Green Bay. She was curious about my music, but I didn't really have anything I could easily point her to other than my recent cover of Fell in Love With a Girl and the music on my MySpace profile. I can think of fifty things I've done that she would find more appealing, but they couldn't be easily jotted down as short URLs. Such is life.

Anyway, I should probably see if I can find that tasteful grey shirt I never wear, and maybe pick out a tie that works with it. I think I promised at least once dance to Lindsay, so I should probably start agonizing about that, too.
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