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There is no time to 'splain. Let me sum up.

Right. So. I haven't done a lot of posting recently. Let's see if I can go over the big points quickly here:

Saturday: Went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire with theenigma42, crabmoon, and koriandrkitten. Had a good time. The Minstrels of Mayhem (one of my Ren Faire favorites) dragged me up onstage for audience participation during (ironically) The Beer Song. Also saw a 20-minute version of MacBeth and two shows by Christoph the Insulter, who taught me the phrase "ménage et moi." I'm gonna remember that one and pretend it was mine.

Sunday: Helped my dad with plumbing and wiring at my parents' old house. I know exactly nothing about either of those things, but damn. Electricians have distilled their art down to a science. All of the components seem to be designed in anticipation of any possible configuration so that if you tear out a wall only to find that the last electrician to work on the place was a blithering idiot, you can still make your plans work. Gosh, it would be nice if computer components were designed so intuitively.

Monday: Laundry day. Wah hoo.

Tuesday: Hung out with agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead, watched a few episodes of the new-to-DVD The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. What a shame that they cancel such bizzare and ridiculously good shows for no reason other than that people can't handle bizzare and ridiculously good.

Wednesday: Went to my usual Wednesday night class only to discover that my usual Wednesday night class had been cancelled because I was expected to be absent. Stayed there until late anyway. Then came home and watched Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were Rabbit. The most appropriate single word review I can think of is "delightful," which means, I think, that my vocabulary is shrinking.

Today: Suddenly remembered that I have the entire next week off, and scrambled at work to get as much done as I could in order to avoid leaving it for other people to complete. Got paid, so stopped at Borders to pick up a copy of the Vincent Price/William Castle classic, The Tingler. Guy behind the counter quoted chapter and verse from it as I was paying, which -- given the current popularity of a low-budget B-picture from 1959 -- was surprising and more or less made my afternoon. Also met incredibly gorgrous coworker who, inevitably, has no interest in me. Late hung out with theenigma42 and koriandrkitten and watched Mars Attacks!

Tonight: Decided, at some point, to start dropping the smaller words from my sentences. Am also no longer beginning sentences with "I." Not sure why. Going to bed, hopefully will have stopped by morning.
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