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Potpourri of Minutiae

1. If someone would like to organize an intervention for me, I'd sure appreciate it. The grocery store had a two-for-one special on 6 oz. bottles of Tobasco sauce last week, so I took advantage of it. I emptied the first bottle tonight, and nobody else here has been eating it. Something about that isn't right.

2. Jason's moving out. Why? Short answer: Fate has screwed him out of a reasonable standard of living. No, it wasn't his fault, so much as a whole bunch of life conspiring against him. He's moving to Appleton to live with his girlfriend. We'll miss him. And his rent. And his free cable. Oh, well. He still feels awkward about being the only smoker in the house, so I've promised to "see what I can do" about changing that during his final week and a half.

3. That 500-page vegetarian cookbook my mom gave me turned out to be a godsend tonight when I decided to do something with that eggplant in the fridge. "Something" turned out to be a casserole, the odor from which brought ribsinbacon into the kitchen earlier. Which is too bad, since he can't eat it. Sure, the main ingredients are eggplant and tomatoes, but it's also got eggs, cheese, olives, and all sorts of other things he won't (or (more accurately) can't) eat. His loss -- it's delicious, and it helped me use up some of the basil, too. All of these vegetables are coming from my parents' garden, which means that next week you can hear me complain about how hard it is to think of something to do make beets. Possibly borscht. Probably not.
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