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Today was our Employee Appreciation Party at work. On paper this means that the company provided grilled meats with salads and ice cream, but in practice it means that I ate a dry, burned, veggie burger and that weird, sweet, deli potato salad that nobody likes, and I ended up doing less in eight hours than I usually like to do in four.

But it was fun, I guess, in the way that work-related recreation is. It's like tagging along to someone else's faily reunion, where you don't know anybody, but they're just as deathly afraid of accidentally offending you as you are of offending them. Nobody ever exchanges jokes at these functions, because you can never be sure who's cool with talking bagels and who thinks they're an abomination.

Still, it knocked out a substantial part of my workday, and there was ice cream, so it wasn't a waste of time. They also had a wandering magician whom I didn't get to witness, and several games which nobody played. Oh, and they had a dunk tank, and I got to watch some of my least favorite managers and the girl who plowed into my parked car in 2003 get wet. Mostly though, I enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine (something I rarely get to do on weekday afternoons), and when I wasn't doing that, I was looking busy in front of my computer. Which suits me fine. I wasn't in the mood to work, anyway.
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