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...but I know I'm not in Hell because I still get to leave on my lunchbreak.

Regular readers of my livejournal will have noticed the frequency of my posts has tapered off somewhat. Sadly, I just haven't been doing much lately that I deem noteworthy enough to write about. It would be nice if I had fantastic stories to share with you, but it's really been a lot of being busy and not having a lot of fun.

Mostly this is due to work.

Last week my department went through a very major physical reorganization. I was one of a few people not affected, but just about everybody else moved to a different cubicle. And that's great, except that the manager scheduling the move didn't do a very good job of planning it. Originally, it was scheduled to happen in May and he was telling people to pack up their things... but he never filed the paperwork and was surprised to learn a couple of days before that the move wasn't happening. After more tribulations and false starts, a final moving date was set for last Friday, which would have been fantastic were it not for the fact that Our Network Guy was on vacation until Monday and everyone knew it.

Those italics represent the fact that it was well known long before the move that without Our Network Guy, nobody would be able to use their PC. The move happened anyway, and no one was terribly surprised when they couldn't log into anything. We were surprised, however, when disconnecting and reconnecting one of the printers knocked out its functionality. Until this afternoon.

Normally this wouldn't be a big problem. There are lots of printers in the building, and anyone sufficiently adventurous enough to navigate through the accidentally convoluted web of Novell software can access them. This printer, however, interfaces with computers offsite which belong to a different company. Disconnecting this printer causes a world of problems, and bringing it back online afterward is tantamount, oh, I don't know, eating the sun. To say that it's a difficult task is a grave understatement that completely fails to address the hours spent on the phone plugging and unplugging things, changing software settings and DIP switches, rebooting PCs, etc., etc., etc., when you know that they know that the problem is on their end and requires a simple refresh operation.

So anyway, long story short, we were without the *special printer* for about two workdays, and most of my most important work can only be printed on the *special printer* because it's the only printer set up to interface with the offsite mainframe. *Special printer*? Pfft. More like special needs printer.

All this while we're getting hit with such a ridiculous volume of work that even without access to the printer, I'm still too busy to casually post to my livejournal during work hours.

I spent (about) two workdays waiting for the damn thing to be up and running, and now I've got to work hard and fast to make sure that none of my time-sensitive stuff passes outside of timeframes... It's not cool. Instead it's very stressful and it's ruining my social life because I'm coming home from work exhausted every night. I've been through this before. It'll pass. Eventually.
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