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Return of the Lance

I came home this evening to find my friend Lance in our living room. Yeah. I was surprised, too. What's that? You don't know why Lance's presence would be surprising? Allow me to explain.

A long time ago (April 2002) in a galaxy far, far away (on Dayton street), my present housemates were living with Lance. Well, actually, it wasn't my present housemates. xoshua wasn't in the picture yet, and Mike was still living with there. But the point is, Mike, Nate, Sean and Lance were half of a house on Dayton Street. Lance was becoming more and more serious with his girlfriend in Texas, and was considering moving out. In a panic to fill his vacancy, they contacted me and asked if I wanted to take Lance's place. I'd sworn that I'd never want to live with any of my friends, but the house was in a cool location (not a good one, but a cool one), the price was nice, and besides, I'd have the enormous attic to myself, and would be separated from everybody else to the point that I wouldn't have to interact with them if I didn't want to.

I moved in, and Lance failed to go anywhere. Instead, the rest of The Guys started finding reasons to dislike him. I can't explain why this happened, but it did. Granted there were actual valid complaints -- Lance's room had developed a "weird Lance smell," for example. Other times though, the gripes were just stupid -- such as the oft repeated insinuation that Lance was responsible for the perpetual shortage of clean forks (it was everybody's fault).

Eventually, we had a "family meeting" (AKA Operation Get Lance To Clean Up His Act). I was actually more or less on Lance's side, but I didn't fight for him (I didn't fight him either, though). Numerous complaints were brought against Lance, and he managed to counter with good arguments. Nothing changed, and a couple of weeks later he moved to Texas. It didn't last very long. He was back at the beginning of September 2002 saying that he'd never fought with somebody so much in his life. My housemates wanted nothing to do with him, and went out of their way to avoid taking his phone calls. I patched things up between Lance and myself (not much of a feat -- mostly I appologized for everybody else's behavior), and that was that. Eventually, things became civil, and Lance started accompanying my them to the bar, etc., but as far as I know, he hasn't hung out with us since oh, say, March of this year, so you can well imagine my surprise at finding him sitting on our couch, holding a Heineken, and yelling at the football game. I should go down there and be social. I s'pose I will as soon as I finish this post.

But um, what else? Oh yeah, at some point I'll have a new album out sooner than I thought. About a month ago, my parents dropped the hint that they'd like a CD of whatever I've been working on recently for the holidays, and taking stock of my recently completed work, I realized that outside of the various projects I'm working on (and not likely to finish), I have about an album's worth of music that works nicely together, but doesn't fit well into the larger projects. I need to hustle to put together some artwork -- it's for my parents so I could get away with making a label with permanent marker, but I'd like to do something nicer than that. When I'm ready to make it available, the new collection will probably be called Non-Sequitur, and will feature 15 tracks, mostly jazz, and clocking in at 58 minutes. With no longer available to make CDs for me, I'm not sure how I'll distribute it. Possibly just via nicely home-produced CD-Rs.

Oh, and uh, unrelated to anything, but cranberry soda is actually much better than I expected. It's seasonal, so I may have to stock up.
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