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For toastmastertom:

Before I forget: slow dance recyttal.

koriandrkitten, matt_william, toastmastertom, and I gathered at theenigma42's apartment tonight to watch Saturday Night Frights. If I'd remembered that Keith lives in Fitchburg I would have been able to suggest an alternate meeting location. As things were, however, it didn't register with anybody until it was too late that Fitchburg doesn't receive Madison's public access cable channels. Instead we ended up watching the very end of a show that seemed to be a series of beautifully surreal animated shorts. Perhaps it's the lateness of the hour, but I cannot do justice to the bizarre wonderfulness of what we witnessed. Tom and I found it totally mesmerizing, tho' I suspect it's meant to be viewed under the influence of heavy psychotropic drugs.

As it turns out, it's part of a... well, I'm not sure what it's part of, but it looks to be some kind of performance art piece called slow dance recyttal. The link above will take you to the site, but sadly, it contains only the briefest multimedia snippets, which do not begin to consider hinting at doing justice to the images we saw tonight. Still, if this thing ever comes out with a DVD, I'm totally forking over $29 for it. I see they'll be touring this Fall and are looking to book more stops. A couple of years ago evil_jim and I attened 1/24th (or so) of Leif Inge's 9 Beet Stretch at the Kupfer Ironworks... I wonder if that space would be available for something like this. Somebody who isn't me should look into that (in other words, it's not gonna happen).
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