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Snakes on a Phone

Tonight as I was helping fuzzyinthehead and her friend Jason move her and and agaysexicon move their new apartment, I got a phone call from ribsinbacon. At least, my phone said the call was from Ribs. The voice on the other end said, "Colin! This is Samuel L. Jackson."

First I was impressed that Ribs can do such a convincing imitation of Samuel L. Jackson.

Then I figured out that it really was Samuel L. Jackson. I became was frightened that he was upset about my recent SoaP diatribe and was about to administer over the phone a Mr. T-style fool-pitying.

Then I realized that it was merely a very clever, personalized recording. Listen to it here. (MP3, 488k)

Anyway, regardless of what else I have to say about the movie, I'm impressed and amused by its marketing campaign. You can freak your friends out too by visiting this site.

I might send one to my boss tomorrow at work. I might get into trouble for it.
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