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A productive day

Yeah, so, today I went to Janesville, and got a lot of work done. It was awesome.

For those unaware (ie, those reading this), Tom and I have been working on a screenplay for some time. Today we just finished the second draft. God knows when we'll actually put a film together, but we're both pretty fond of what we have so far. The working title is H.P. Wildecraft's The Importance of Being Cthulhu, but uh... the title is changing as soon as we think of something that has anything to do with the plot. Per the Halibut Productions website (which I'm not linking), it's "A story of a young Danish boy coming of age in feudal Japan," but in actuality, it's a story about demons, abstract art, angels, assault with a garbage can, and the death of print journalism. We're reasonably stoked.

On a totally different topic, I found a fairly new game that I rather like. This happens really rarely -- the most recent game I spent any appreciable amount of time on was Alone In The Dark IV, which came out in 2001, and I didn't finish it. Anyway, Evil Jim helped rekindle my penchant for the game Rampage! awhile ago, and I've been keeping my eye on They Came From Hollywood, which has a similar premise. They Came from Hollywood isn't out yet, but I've found something to tide me over: I Was An Atomic Mutant!

I actually found IWAAM in the discount bin for $4.77 at Wal-Mart, and bought it on impulse because it looked possibly entertaining. I was not disappointed. You get to stomp/eat/otherwise terrorize cities and the military in first-person 3D. It's not the sort of game you'd spend hours on in a single sitting, but it is a helluva lot of fun. When I play computer games, I play them very sporadically for short periods of time, and IWAAM is perfect for this. What really makes the cool, though, is the presentation.

You get to play as the title character from one of four movies -- The Brain from Beyond Infinity, Wrath of the She-Beast, Reptomicus!, and The Invader from Dimension X. You can watch a trailer for each movie, which is made up of stock footage and video from the game. You can play in color or "the original black and white," and you can play in fullscreen or Drive-In mode (where an occasional head is silhouetted on the bottom of the screen). The game also has an authentic-sounding B-movie soundtrack (complete with scary theremin music), which I really like. I understand that most of this paragraph boils down to minor aesthetics, but the people who designed the game clearly know the material they're parodying, and the result is a meticulous labor of love. Plus it makes for something really cool to show my friends.
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