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Day of the Biohazardous Chair

Apologies for the poor quality of my PDA's camera. This sign was attached to a chair which sat outside of my cubicle this afternoon. It wasn't directly next to me or anything like that, but it was unnerving to see the sign every time I turned around, so eventually I walked over to the manager who'd wheeled it there and asked.
Me: So there's a... chair... next to my cube.

Her: You don't wanna know.

Me: You're probably right.

Her: It's biohazardous

Me: So I probably shouldn't take it over to Dirk's desk?

Her: NO.

Me: 'kay.

Her: Two words: Temporary surgery.

Me: Huh. I'm gonna go sit down.

Her: Two more words: Split stitch.

Me: Yeah, that sitting down I mentioned? I'm gonna... get on that.

Her: There's a lot more words if you want 'em.
Anyway, she promised that I could take the photo and write about it here, but that's as far as I felt like going.
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