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December 20th, 2003

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06:43 pm - Woah, scary.
Today at the grocery store I stood in line behind a guy who seems to be the sort of person I'll be in fifty years -- and it was scary. His wife was reading the headlines in a newspaper, and said "Tyson foods recalls patties--" He interrupted her to say "I remember the Pattys. Couplea sweet girls."

This is almost exactly what I was thinking to myself.

I need to start exercising more often and eating a better diet if I expect to live long enough to become that elderly relative who is always saying random, vaguely disturbing non-sequiturs. I think my sister is also hoping for that title.

Anyway, today I got that final royalty check from MP3.com. Whoopee. I can cash this puppy and use it to buy 5.9 copies of One Night At McCool's.
Current Mood: Meh.
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Date:December 20th, 2003 05:20 pm (UTC)
Wait a minute here--- you actually got royalty checks? ever think about putting your stuff up on iTunes?
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Date:December 21st, 2003 09:36 pm (UTC)
I received royalties on anything I sold. As for iTunes, I looked at the site briefly, and didn't see anywhere for artists to sign up. I get the feeling that they're looking for artists at are already signed to major labels. In fact, a lot of those online music services won't deal with individual artists, just labels looking for an online outlet. As much as this sucks for people like me, it protects consumers from the fact that most of the unsigned artists out there have a fan base of approximately fifteen people.

My fifteen are family members and a couple of high school students who used to send me a lot of fan mail.

Seriously though, I don't love the service iTunes offers. I'd rather go with somebody like eMusic, but again, they're not interested in dealing directly with artists. When I signed up with MP3.com back in early 2000, their service was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I doubt anybody's going to offer something like that again. Officially, they cut artist benefits because it was very unprofitable, but the truth is that they made a lot of really foolish business decisions.

So um, to answer your questions: yes, and yes, but I don't think I'm interested.
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