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I wrote this last night

I'm writing this post hours in advance of when it'll show up on my livejournal because it's too hot to use the Internet.

I'm not kidding. Our Internet connection isn't working, and Charter's official explanation is that it's too hot. Is that true? Who knows? I'm just hoping that it's still Monday by the time I post this (editor's note: ah, crap).

Anyway, the weekend was reasonably uneventful, so I'm just going to gloss over it. On Saturday I went with my parents to the most well-attended funeral service I've ever, uh, attended. I was not close to the deceased, but he was a friend of the family and certainly a source of great inspiration (obituary). It was a moving service followed by a moving memorial. The funeral home was far too small to contain the crowd, and we were among those standing outside of the lobby which had already been packed with folding chairs.

Later on I went to Ellen and tempermemad's housewarming party. Oddly, I had a better time socializing there than I have at any other party in the last year. I don't understand it either -- I didn't talk to half of the people there (beyond "pardon me" and "nice to meet you"), and the other half were at half of the parties I've attended in the last year. Why should I have socialized differently on Saturday? Beats me. Ellen's mom showed up and the tone of the party didn't change, which means that my friends and I are either getting old or more civilized. I won a round of Apples to Apples and lost a round of Rocky Horror Trivia, thanks to drawing the card that makes you lose 500 points automatically. It was a really good time though, and it was great to see everybody. If you're reading this and you're Ellen or Charlie, thanks for giving me something really great to do on Saturday night.

After the party was Rocky Horror followed by Perkins, and I don't have a lot to say about either one. It was a good show, blah, blah, blah, I enjoyed myself. If you've ever read one of my Rocky Horror posts, you basically know how it went.

On Sunday I house-sat for my parents, which really means that I was dog-sitting. They'd sold one of their puppies to a gentleman from Broiter Grove, and had agreed to drive to a halfway point in Ohio, between their homes. Between being tired and very, very warm I stayed inside almost all day and watched The Abominable Doctor Phibes and Dr. Phibes Rises Again. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Vincent Price? The Phibes philms are so phantastic that they make me want to have his babies, though admittedly I only say that because he's dead. Were he alive, I'd only offer to keep an eye on them when he goes out on the town.

Today... Today has been an interesting day. I got to work and was unable to boot up my computer without it spontaneously restarting. I failed to diagnose the problem, but my attempt at diagnosis replaced it with a completely different issue. I had to call network support to explain that my computer was unable to find the corporate ethernet, and they sent somebody over to look at my PC. He fiddled with it for a good hour and a half before deciding that what it needed was to have its hard drive wiped and its contents replaced with the company's standard workstation software package.

I backed up most of my files, but only after everything was gone did I realize that I'd somehow missed the Great American Novel I've been working on and haven't told anybody about. I'm torn as to whether I should be sad or not. On the one hand, it represents a lot of work. On the other hand, it was a joke. I was going to choose a pen name and design a persona to match it, and then design a deliberately belligerent website around my book and what a masterpiece it is and how angry I am that "morons" like Douglas Hofstader and Mark Leyner (actual heroes of mine) are getting published while I'm sitting here overlooked. Sort of like an arrogant R. Lionel Fanthorpe. Or a more literate Mike "Doctah Pussay" Talbot. Or like Jim Thies, but without all the hormones. Regardless, my barely literate and rather-badly plotted novel is lost forever, and no one will ever read it. What a loss to future generations.

Anyway, my PC was up and running by one o'clock, which means that I'd missed about four, five hours worth of work. Of course, I had to tweak and perfect all of my Windows settings, figure out which three of the five thousand company printers I use and set them up, and plumb the depths of the network resources looking for the files I use frequently, so I got about an hour's worth of actual work done. Either way, I can catch up over the next couple of days. No idea what caused all the problems. Everything was fine on Friday night when I turned it off. Network Guy's best guess was a physical problem with the hard disk, but you can't fix those by replacing their contents. Whatever. It's working now. I hope.
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