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SacredSpud: Fashion designer

Man, ribsinbacon does not appreciate innovation in men's apparel.

I've designed a new garment: It consists of a t-shirt worn over the upper body, and another worn over the lower body with my legs sticking through the arm-holes. The lower shirt is held up with a belt.

It's comfortable, it's fashionable (meaning that it is able to be fashioned), it's not revealing, and it looks stunning. I don't know what it is that Ribs doesn't like. I bet he's just jealous about all the women I'll attract with this; xmerrie1039x hasn't even seen it yet, and she's already called it "hot."

I wonder what I should name this garment.

I wonder if I'll regret writing about it.

I wonder how fired I'd get if I wore it to work.
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