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Mid-week Update

I'd really like to write a long, exciting post about my life right now, but there's just too much going on not enough that you would find interesting. Here, instead, are some highlights:
  1. My keyboard's batteries are critically low.

  2. My checking account is critically low because I'm buying a Hyundai. Deal finalizes tomorrow, hopefully.

  3. Work is getting really interesting. Ask me about it in person and I'll explain.

  4. My keyboard's batteries are critically low. This little warning keeps popping up to remind me.

  5. Last weekend I saw the nearly-(but-not-quite)-non-partisan An Inconvenient Truth with phil_bond and seanorange. I keep recommending it to people, but rather than post a lengthy and boring review, I'm going to direct you to Roger Ebert's opinion. I usually read him to get angry, but... not this time. We have opposing tastes in entertainment, but somehow he always agrees with me on documentaries for all the right reasons.

  6. I need to buy AAA batteries. No, better yet, I should buy rechargable AAAs. But not until after I get paid on Friday.

  7. ribsinbacon is gone for the week and expects that the dishes will get washed and the lawn will get mowed in his absence. Boy, is he in for a surprise. In our defense, the grass is too short right now..

  8. My keyboard's batteries are critically low.
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