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Offensive driving

I was twenty minutes late to work today.

I was twenty minutes late to work today because the driver of an 18-wheel truck decided that he wanted to make a right turn onto Zeier Road from the left lane of Lien Road.

This, for those unfamiliar with the area, is a T-intersection controlled by a traffic light. I was driving toward the intersection, and there were several other vehicles in front of me. I realized, as I slowed down for the yellow light, that the truck was on my left side was speeding up.

You can't possibly understand how unnerving this was unless you know the area (here's a map!). The truck driver accellerated out of the curve toward the intersection, slammed on his breaks, went a couple of car-lengths into the intersection, and damn near collided with the vehicles turning left from Zeier. Then he turned his cab onto Zeier in such a way as to prevent my lane from moving.

I believe this is what is commonly known as offensive driving.

He's very lucky he didn't hit anyone, and he's even luckier that the people he didn't hit didn't hit anyone else while they were reacting to him. I didn't have to react, of course. I was behind a line of vehicles in the other lane waiting to turn right. All I could do was watch and get angry. When I realized that I wouldn't be moving for awhile, I turned off my engine.

What followed, once the light turned green, was a great deal of manuvering as he tried to complete his turn. Everybody had to stop, and an entire lane of traffic coming from Zeier had to reverse to give him room. Ever seen an entire lane of traffic move in reverse? That's what took most of the twenty minutes.

Eventually, (twenty minutes later (have I mentioned how late I was in getting to work?)) we started moving again. I'm surprised that no police showed up, but that doesn't surprise me as much as the fact that he didn't simply make a left back onto Lien (which would have been easier than jockeying around three different lanes). If he'd just followed his course he could have made a couple of right turns, reached his destination (or the road he wanted to be on, anyway) within five minutes, and saved the rest of us -- did I mention this? -- an unnecessary twenty.
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