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Pitchfork does something right!

The folks over at Pitchfork Media have generally shown themselves to be a bunch of ridiculously condescending monkeys with self-contradictory opinions, and who happen to be remarkably adept at writing about everything except music (examples here, here, and (most famously) here).

Still, they've compliled a list of -- hold on, I need to alt-tab back there so's I can copy and paste their title -- 100 Awesome Music Videos.


Well, it's not a great title, but stands apart from most of those other lists by not including a word like "greatest." Who decides what defines "greatest", anyway? And does anybody ever agree? Pitchfork circumvents that problem here by listing "simply, dozens of clips that, for various reasons ... we enjoy watching[.]"

And it's a pretty good list. It's certainly not my list, but most MTV connoisseurs would, if they could only archive 100 music videos for posterity, probably sign off on this bunch without a moment's hesitation. The feature is divided into ten pages, and is alphebetized rather than numbered (wise move).

Anyway, check it out. Every one of the videos is linked to YouTube, which means you can watch them all.

Alternately, those who are pressed for time can just watch Ana Ng and call it a night, which is what I'm about to do,
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