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Godzilla in blue jeans, King Kong with a pony tail...

Director's Commentary: I don't have a lot to say about this one, except that I'm very happy with it. It's surprisingly difficult to find pictures of pants angled the right way to fit on a profile of Godzilla. Janet is the woman who collects money at the front desk, and I had to obtain her permission to use her name.

This is waaaaaay down at the bottom of the message:

There's another jeans day e-mail which I sent out a couple of weeks ago but didn't post here. I'd mentioned that I wasn't terribly happy with it. Anyway, for those curious, here's the Over the Hedge Jeans Day e-mail:

Director's Commentary: Maybe my dislike of this one has to do with the haste in which it was slapped together. I was informed of the impending jeans day about half an hour before the e-mail should have gone out, and most of that half hour was coming up with ideas. It's hard to be creative under pressure, and eventually someone else suggested that I use the movie Over the Hedge, which had just opened. People liked it, but I have no idea whether or not any of this dialogue is appropriate because I haven't seen the film.

And the bottom:

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