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Headbeating will commence after 2:00 PM.

Okay, first of all, I'd like to make this perfectly clear: Although I will never be able to adequately justify it to anybody else, this guy is my hero. And then some.

Second: What the hell is wrong with people?

Remember all that United Way stuff I was doing a couple of months ago? Well today is the last of it for 2003. Today we're having our big congratulatory pizza party for those who participated. I'm more or less uninvolved, except that sent out the e-mails informing everyone of said pizza party, and I get to participate (read: chow down).

Everybody who contributed anything to our campaign this year is eligible for pizza. That doesn't just mean those who signed up for a weekly payroll deduction -- it also includes everyone who paid a dollar to dress casually, everyone who participated in our buildingwide food day (I still hate that phrase) -- in short, everybody (or nearly everybody) who works here. We've coordinated pizza deliveries for second and third shifts, too. Everybody should have a shot at pizza if they want it.

They should, but they might not get it. See, there's this unspoken limit of two pieces per person. I was asked not to mention it in the e-mails, and we're not putting up a sign in front of the pizza, they just decided to plan for two pieces per person. Now, granted that out of 200 people here today, everybody's not going to come down for pizza, but people are coming back to their desks with eight (count 'em -- eight) pieces, and that's a little much. Perhaps the two-piece-per-person limit is unrealistically restrictive. That doesn't excuse the two parapalegic monkey fu-- ah, gentlemen who almost made it upstairs planning to consume one entire pizza each. Perhaps when you're buying for yourself, this is reasonable. Most people realize that when you have to share, it's not. I'm not even going to get started on the guy who spent the entire month of October complaining that he shouldn't get e-mails about United Way if he's not planning to give, and just went downstairs for his third trip. If we run out of food, it's not my problem.

Then there was the guy who came back to inform his department that it's not worth their time to go downstairs because there are four pizzas -- all Canadian bacon -- and no soda. Guess what? You were in front of me in line, buddy. There were at least 30 assorted pizzas, and there's soda available for whomever wants it. I should know. In addition to setting the damned stuff out beforehand, I poured myself a cup of Pepsi when I went downstairs for my lunch.

Oh, well. Whatever. There's not much I can do at this point, other than beat my head on my desk. I can't even do that for awhile, since I need to get some important work done by 2:00. In the meantime, this is friggin' cool (even if nobody knows what it means):

Which character from The King in Yellow are you?

"Have you found the Yellow Sign? Have you found the Yellow Sign? Have you found the Yellow Sign?"
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