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Starless and Bible Black

Hola amigos. What's shakin'? I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I've been busy doin' stuff.

Today I was in Milwaukee for my friend Claire's wedding. I may have mentioned Claire in passing, but none of y'all would remember. Claire's part of one of my other lives which has rarely been mentioned here. I wasn't officially invited to the wedding, but my sister was, and when her boyfriend had to pass on attending, I stepped in to take his place. I wasn't officially uninvited, either, but I'd sort of fallen away from the entire social circle, and it was hard enough for them to get ahold of my sister.

It was an interesting ceremony, half Christian (I've no idea what franchise), half Baha'i. I always wonder how those things work out because inevitably somebody gets offended, either because the faith of their side of the family has been ignored, or else because the other side's faith seems foreign and intrusive. Anyway, the wedding was on the lakefront, which meant lots and lots of wind. They had a hard time lighting the candles. They'd hired an ice cream truck in lieu of having an open bar, which is pretty rockin' if (like me) you could care less about open bar. Reception happened later in the evening, and they served Nigerian food. Good stuff. Apparently some people found it too spicy, but my sister and I were thrilled -- me because I like African food, and her because there was a good selection of vegetarian options.

During the reception, I was seated across from a man who looked uncannily like William Sadler (you know him as the Grim Reaper from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey). The guy directly behind me bore a striking resemblence to George H.W. Bush, but I couldn't persuade my sister to point that out to him.

Anyway, I sort of rekindled a bunch of old friendships which I'd allowed to atrophy over the last four years or so. This is really cool; these friendships were very important to me at one time. I'd been worried that my antisocial tendencies had put me out of their good graces, and I'm thrilled that this is not the case. It was also great to catch up with everybody and see what they're doing. Apparently Illinois is the popular place for everybody to move to these days.

Last night I went to see The Bronx Warriors of 1990 with inle_the_rabbit, seanorange, phil_bond, xmerrie1039x, and evil_jim. It wasn't a good movie, but none of us was expecting good. The Bronx Warriors combines equal parts of Escape from New York and The Warriors, but it doesn't cannibalize the good elements of either one. The premise: In the futuristic New York of 1990, gangs of bikers and roller skaters rule the Bronx. The heiress to a large corporation is hanging out with society's Undesirable Elements, and a bounty hunter has been hired to retrieve her. The main character's name is Trash, and one of the bad guys looks like a young Brent Spiner trying to be sexy.

We sat near the front of the theater and made fun of the film. There were a couple of people sitting in front of us who did not appreciate our comments and got up in disgust, but they didn't leave; they just moved a few rows back. A good time was had by all, and we learned that you get free popcorn if you're willing to hold out for it long enough after the movie. It was a good way to spend a Friday night.

Now we're at koriandrkitten and crabmoon's apartment watching Saturday Night Frights. This week's movie is called Escape from Hellhole. It's an Indonesian exploitation film, and I can't tell whether it's trying to be titillating or feminist. You'd think that it would be difficult to confuse those two things. I can find no redeeming qualities in this film, and I'm not alone. Everybody else is in the other room watching something on Lindsay's computer. Oh, well.
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