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"I see your lovely beans, and in that magic go-kart, I bite your neck."

Well, I got hired for another one of those exciting recording jobs. It's another Elvis Presley karaoke project, and I'll be recording next week. Slightly worried about it because I only know one of the songs, but I'm slightly worried about everything. The book/CD combo for which I recorded in April is back from the printer now, and (I'm told) sounds great. I'll be receiving a copy of the CD at some point soon here, so you can all hear how silly I sound when I'm singing gloriously meaningful background lyrics like "bip bay bep hey" and "hep hey bep hey." Session musicians usually don't get credited (especially for products like this one), but there was --

Holy carp, it's The Duke of Prunes.

-- sorry, where was I? Oh, since there were only two vocalists on this project, they decided to credit us both. Know what that means? It means I'll finally be able to see my name in print somewhere other than in the police blotter. Navin R. Johnson's got nothin' on me, man.

Yesterday I took advantage of the nefarious date by skipping work to listen to Blue Öyster Cult and watch devil movies with lord_alucard and (after he got off work) theenigma42. We sat through Roman Polanski's excellent The Ninth Gate (as opposed Andy Warhol's incomprehensible The Ninth Gate, or Brian de Palma's glam-rock one) and the original version of Satan's School for Girls. We'd considered the equally vile Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, but the barometer was dropping, and none of us felt like contemplating suicide in the evening.

That's all I have that's even marginally exciting to talk about. I'm g-- Oh, there's Duke of Prunes again. I should probably explain that. Duke of Prunes is a Frank Zappa song whose incredibly stupid lyrics are excerpted in the subject of this post. Anyway, I just found a copy of a movie he scored at the tender age of 20 -- a low-budget western called Run Home, Slow. The overall quality of the film is pretty questionable, but soundtrack is fantastic. Oh, and it features an early orchestral version of Duke of Prunes, which, performed without vocals, really is a gorgeous piece of music.

Anyway, those of you who are the_tick27 will be interested to know that it can be purchased on DVD.

** ADDENDUM ** Since I'm bored and can't sleep, I've whipped up my own short, sample arrangement of Duke of Prunes. I don't know either (like I said, I'm bored). It's only 464K, so check it out.
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