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I'm Beginning to Suspect that the Internet is Run by Geeks ~or~ The Six Degrees of Optimus Prime

Eleventy one points to anyone can spot the reference-by-association to Transformers: The Movie in the screenshot below.

Click for full-size version.

Eleventy two points to anyone who can explain how that reference, in turn, is also a reference-by-association to Monty Python.

seanorange, phil_bond and (possibly theenigma42), I'm looking at you.

** Bonus: ** Since we're talking about Stuff I Like, I'm willing to forfeit eleventy seven points to anyone who knows -- without looking it up -- which seminal They Might Be Giants song contained at one point an overt reference to Monty Python: Live at the Hollywood Bowl.

I fully expect no one to care about the awesome challenges I have set before y'all.
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