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Entries must be postmarked before August 9th, 1954

I'm kind of curious about what's going on on the other side of our house right now.

Our landlord stopped by a couple of weeks ago and dropped off a new copy of the rental agreement, asking us to notify him by the 31st of May if we were planning on staying here. We are. It's settled. Our landlord likes us and everything on our side of the house is (to steal a quote from Ernest Hemingway) happybambifluffybunny.

On the other side, it's a different story.

The guys on the other side of the house have generally not been the greatest guys ever. You may recall a post I made a few months back about how they were storing months worth of unbagged garbage in the garage rather than walking it out to the curb. Additionally, they have never shoveled their half of the driveway. Those who have seen our driveway know that it inclines very steeply. Thanks to the accumulation of snow our neighbors spent most of January and February parking on the street. They also mowed their lawn no more (and possibly less) than three times between August and November. Mowing and shoveling are in the lease.

I have no idea how our landlord feels about these guys because he landlord hasn't even been in the house since the break-in they suffered shortly after they moved in in September. That can't possibly reflect well on them, either. Apparently a guy knocked on their door claiming to be a previous tennant and they gave him a tour. He came back the next day, kicked open a window, and made off with a safe which, given their age and demeanor, probably held their pipe and their stash. Was he actually a previous tennant? Who knows?

Anyway, they disappeared about three weeks ago without notifying anybody, and so you can well imagine my surprise this evening when I almost plowed my car into one of theirs. I'd expected their half of the driveway to be vacant. They probably came back to pay their rent, which means that they've probably found their renewal notice. They were offered the same renewal deal as we were, but when we mentioned their absence to our landlord, his response was basically, "meh. You guys got any reliable friends?" Jason has friends who are very interested and put them in touch with our landlord. The information I'm relaying is secondhand, but I'm under the impression that the old guys are out and the new guys are in. That (to them, at least) is a problem.

I mentioned that my information is secondhand because this has all happened very quickly. It doesn't seem entirely likely to me that our landlord has had time to receive their application and check their references, especially since our current neighbors' renewal was due today, and today isn't even over for two more minutes. On the other hand, our landlord doesn't seem a lot more fond of them than we are. I'm sure they called him as soon as they found the notice, but I'm guessing that we'll have different neighbors come August.
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