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It's easy to be the "Worlds Largest Brat Fest" when you're also the Worlds Onliest Brat Fest.

What am I still doing up at one in the morning? I'll tell you: I'm putting together one of those United Way Jeans e-mails.

I have to send one out tomorrow for Wednesday, and it has to get sent out as early as possible. Most of the time I spend putting these e-mails together is brainstorming, and that's not something I want to do on company time when I'm already staying late to get my normal work done. The last couple of weeks I've put together something fairly mediocre at the very last minute, and I'd prefer not to keep doing that. Tonight I came up with a pretty good James Bond joke, and I try post it tomorrow. I may also post last week's mediocre e-mail, since I didn't bother last Tuesday.

While I'm posting, I should mention that offBeat performed at Brat Fest on Saturday. It was a good show in front of a huge crowd, and on the biggest non-auditorium stage I've ever been on. I've never performed for so many people that weren't actually there to see me, and I was somewhat terrified. We were scheduled for an hour, but were probably on for about 45 minutes, due to setup and sound check.

Usually we start start with Amazing Grace, but I requested that we do something else because it takes me a moment to acclimate to being on stage. Instead we started with Lady Madonna, which is a good opener because it's energetic and people recognize it. The set was fairly short, and we tried to stick to the kind of stuff that would grab people's attention (i.e., not Fire and Rain). As I said, I found the experience a little terrifying, so it was a very good thing that Dentist! was placed a bit later on the setlist. By that time I was comfortable and we'd been doing standards (Under the Boardwalk, The Lion Sleeps Tonight...) so it was time for something new and a little levity.

nocturne152 was there, as were a few of my relatives, and lord_alucard's mother, brother, and grandmother, but mostly it was a sea of unfamiliar faces. I kept a close eye on the audience because I wanted to see how many people were leaving in the middle of the performance, but almost nobody did. That's a good thing, right?
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