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I guess I just don't find Chevy Chase all that funny.

Well, Nate found the new cutting board. He used it this afternoon, and it's still sitting on the counter, covered in whatever he was cutting on it. Unless I get ambitious and decide to wash it myself, it will sit on the counter until next Sunday. Those who don't understand why this is a big deal to me are reminded that last year Nate boiled bratwurst in beer and onions, and left the pot sitting on the counter -- with the onions and the beer (until my roommate Mike poured the beer off) -- for twenty nine days. Eventually I wanted to make (Kyle? Becki? Brace yourselves) soup, so I decided to wash it. When I took the lid off the pot, it released a grey cloud which coated the counter and floor in a sticky film. I washed the pot in the bathtub. If I end up with a chiaboard, somebody will pay dearly (by "somebody" I mean "I," and by "pay dearly" I mean "write about it in my livejournal.")

This evening, I'm watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that it's on in the background. The AEG was appalled to learn that I hadn't seen it, so I'm borrowing it (not from her, from one of our other coworkers). I'm sure if I were in a different mood I'd love it, but I don't feel like watching this right now. Still, I've had it for a week and I should probably at least have it on in the background so I can quote my favorite part (which I'll certainly be asked about).

So instead of actively watching the movie, I'm reading Tex Arcana which was published in Heavy Metal between 1981 and 1987. Back when Doc was still a member of Tiny Fools, he used to recommend Tex Arcana to me as something I'd "probably like." I pretty much ignored him because I didn't really want to hunt down back issues of Heavy Metal for something that sounded only vaguely entertaining. Anyway, I just found the official website, which has the entire series online. And it's damned entertaining. I've never been one for westerns, but this one has vampires, Lovecraftian elder gods, and a whore named Maria Conqueso. Yeah. I like this. Evil Jim, you should check it out.
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