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Sometimes a potato is just a potato.

Last night I dreamed that I was grocery shopping.

These everyday-life dreams are not uncommon for me, so it really freaked me out when the guy in front of me in the express lane decided that I had looked at him the wrong way, and that he needed to kill me.

He wasn't counting on my reflexes so I got away from him quickly, but he came after me and I ducked behind the floral arrangements. The guy (referred to hereafter as The Guy) ran past. I found myself face to face with inle_the_rabbit who was trying to get a signal on his cell phone. He explained that he was standing amidst the flowers because he had a new type of phone which receives a signal boost from dying organic material. Yes folks, this is what I dream about.

The Guy came back the moment we stepped out, so we had to run away again (or rather, I had to run and Craig humored me). We spent a couple of minutes moving from aisle to aisle before we realized that The Guy's objective actual objective was murder. We could hear him stomping around the store yelling things like "When I catch you, you little bastard..." and "Come out and show yourself! I'm gonna kill ya!" and "Fee, fie, foe, fum, something something rhymes with 'fum.'"

The Guy was rampaging through the store, and everybody was frightened of him (they didn't know he was only interested in killing me). The police showed up, but were unable to stop The Guy, so an armed escort led Craig and me out of the building. While we were on the way out, phil_bond came in to buy cigarettes, but I didn't have time to ask whether he'd taken up smoking or whether he was doing a favor for some eleven-year-old.

Craig and I were driven to a warehouse, where we had to sit in folding chairs while a police sergeant explained to us series of diagrams detailing just how I would obtain my groceries. It was a pretty complicated plan, but then, The Guy was a pretty scary guy.

Anyway, my alarm woke me up before the explanation was finished, and I was in the shower before I stopped think about whether or not The Guy would still be there next time I went to the store.

This dream interpretation site tells me that the grocery store represents my need to fill an emotional void, that The Guy represents rage I'm repressing, Craig represents aspects of my personality that I've been ignoring, his phone is telepathic communication I'm receiving from an outside source, and that the police represent my uneasiness with my own reckless behavior.

It also tells me that potatoes represent laziness and stupidity, so there's no way I'm believing it. No, sir.
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