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Where are your pancakes now, Moses?

Editor's note: I swear, that subject was relevant before I started editing this post.

My parents are at my dad's sibling reunion, so I'm watching their house and dogs. The big dogs are not a problem, but the puppies cannot, apparently, be left supervised in any room which contains more than large furniture. I brought them in here by the computer, and I had to pick up a pile of my sister's old clothes so that they wouldn't play tug-of-war with her brassieres. This hasn't stopped them, though. I keep having to take away socks and slips and nylon stockings. I don't see where they're getting all this stuff from because I'm trying to pay attention to this livejournal post. Every time I turn back to the computer, they're fighting over another undergarment, and I'm not sure where it came from. It's like having to babysit a bunch of furry Penn & Tellers.

Anyway, the last couple of days have been good ones. Last night I hung out with agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead. Liz and I ended up going to The Sunroom for dinner while Nick was napping prior to going to work. I had some kinda pesto pasta thing (cryptically referred to on the menu as Pesto Pasta) which was fantastic. I couldn't finish it.

Later I took xmerrie1039x downtown for her birthday celebration. I'd already taken today off from work so I ended up agreeing to be the designated driver (or one of them, anyway). She ended up spending the night on our couch. After she got up we documented the evening's activities on her journal, Merrie dictating and me typing. You can read the incredible story here. It's more or less exactly what she told me to type, and every single word of the account is somewhat true, except for that part about me trying to fondle her twice. The number was actually much higher.

Tonight I had one of those things that I tend to have which eat up my social time and which I never discuss in detail. I had to bring a dish to pass so I made hummus. I hadn't realized how good my recipe was because I usually bring it to work where people are afraid of anything that isn't cheese and sausage or jello fluff. The hummus was the hit of the evening which means I'm bringing home only about an eighth of the double batch I made. Apparently I make freakin' great hummus (or rather, I have a freakin' great recipe. Making hummus from scratch takes about as much effort as macaroni and cheese out of a box).

Anyway, I'm going to wrap up this post because I'm not really enjoying the task of writing it directly from my web browser. I make most of my posts using a client called Semagic, and I hadn't realized just how much I've come to depend on its how-towel amenities. But I digress. I need to finish this and go to bed so's I can get up early in the morning to feed dogs. Fun, fun.
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