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(seil suodnerroh htiw won) noitidE 6002 yaD s'rehtoM :etadpU dnekeeW

First things first: Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, from the best (mine) to the baddest (detective John Shaft).

All right. So. The weekend. In reverse and full of lies for no apparent reason.

Sunday. For those who've just awakened from a coma, been living under a rock, been living under a rock lobster, or have been revived from cryogenic suspension and haven't looked at the calendar yet, today was Mother's Day. My mother celebrated by going to work. Oh, but before she went to work, my sister, her boyfriend and I visited. We got Mom another harmonica, a bootleg DVD of Cool As Ice, and a 1000 ct. case of Portion Pac Non-Dairy Creamer. Dinner was eaten, puppy photos were taken, etc., etc. Everybody was a little subdued thanks to the weather, but I think Mom had a good day.

Saturday was awesome. I like, built a life-size, anatomically correct statue of Ernest Borgnine out of international cheeses in Jason's room, and I also won a couple of presidencies and the Nobel Prizes in Ornithology, Misanthropy, Disambiguation and Gymnastics.

Much later in the evening I went to koriandrkitten's apartment to watch Saturday Night Frights. evil_jim, bluntobject, the Tin Man and that backwards-talking dwarf were there too. The movie was Season of the Witch. It's been on the list of Movies I Want to See for some time, but I couldn't recall why. The reason -- which I remembered after looking it up on IMDB -- is that it's a George Romero film. Anyway, I think I was the only one really paying attention and following the story. We got about a third of the way through the film when it was decided by the other three that we should turn it off in favor of watching a couple of episodes of Excel Saga. As far as I can tell, Season of the Witch is about a WASPy housewife who turns to witchcraft because she's bored, but as I said, I only saw a third of the movie. Had it been up to me I would have left it on, but had I felt strongly about it I would have protested the moment they turned it off. Meh.

Gemma kicked Jim and I out after Excel Saga, so we went to Perkins and discussed how most of the polyamorous (or otherwise open) relationships we're aware of are falling apart.* Oh well.

On Friday night, RJ and I helped xmerrie1039x move into a different apartment. Then Merrie and I had dinner at a place that apparently no longer caters to vegetarians. She had to order a grilled cheese sandwich from the kids' menu. Even so, we had a good time discussing pigs and ponies and freaking out the other restaurant patrons. Later on we went back to my place and watched The Last Polka, which is a Eugene Levy/John Candy mockumentary you've never heard of. It was fantastic, if only for its polka rendition of Michael Jackson's Beat It. It was a good night, and when I dropped Merrie off she let me borrow something called Sars Wars which looks to be the worst thing ever.

Should be fun.

* ADDENDUM: By 9:30 on Monday morning I'd received three Colin-only posts on my Friends page, two text messages on my phone, and two new messages in my e-mail, all from different people who think this sentence was about them. Most of the people I'm referring to don't even know that I have a livejournal. Unless you're relatively close to both me and Jim, it's unlikely that we were talking about you. Confidential to the people who now know we were talking about them: We didn't speculate because neither one of us knows the facts. Honestly, we mostly talked about your cat.
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