Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
Colin Timothy Gagnon

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All right, I AM shouting! I'm shouting! I'm shouting! I'm shou-- *CLUNK* *THUD*

Remember the other day when I was complaining about that car in front of the mailbox? Well it got towed! At about 1:30 this morning! It took about 45 minutes! While I was trying really hard to not be awake! It ruined my sleep and I was furious!

...but at least it got moved. I will miss, however, those touchingly illiterate notes that our mail carrier was writing to us. The last one said "move you car!" I feel so jealous of whomever next commands her affections. I think it's a her. S/he has girly handwriting.

In other news, The Surrealist says that my advertising slogan is "Do You Eat The Colin Last?" Well? Do ya, punk? Get yours here.
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