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December 13th, 2003

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07:31 pm - Since you asked:
Okay Wendy, since apparently you need to know, coffee with Ellen went well. Actually, that would make a really good name for a mid-morning talk show: "Today on Coffee with Ellen, chef Paul Prudhomme will show you how to eat Julia Child, Rick Moranis will explain the difference between being a has-been and being a wasn't, and musical guest Yoko Ono will break every window in your apartment right after this."

Uh, where was I? Oh yeah. Digressing.

Since Ellen gets off work at 11:00, we didn't get together until about 11:20. After a quick introduction to my roommate Nate and his friend Anita, we took off. We made a quick survey of our options (all four of them, since we were looking to avoid bars), and settled on the University Avenue Perkin's. The restaurant was really busy, which is pretty much status quo for a Friday night. We sat and talked about muffins, pumpkins, wax paper, Caledonia, mahoganies, elbows and green things in general, and I finished an entire pot of coffee. At some point it occurred to us that things had quieted down substantially, and we realized that it was 1:52 AM. This didn't really change anything. The conversation was good.

Finally though, it was about 3:00 and we realized that we should probably get a little sleep before our Saturday obligations. On the way home it was decided that we need to get together to watch The Hudsucker Proxy, Ed and His Dead Mother, and possibly The Return of Captain Invincible. Anyway, I got home, brushed my teeth and washed my face, lay down, and was out like a light. After all that coffee.

And today... Today was not interesting in the least. In a nutshell: My sister and I picked out a Christmas tree for my parents, and she had to get the most ginormous one there. Fitting it onto the truck was quite a chore, and yet it's still smaller than the one we got last year. It was really, really cheap, too.

But um, yeah. Coffee. Ellen. Yeah.
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Current Music: Mono Puff -- Nixon's The One

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