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Post-Rocky Horror thoughts

This will be a short post, which doesn't necessarily mean that it will be interesting:
1. Cough drops: Ricola are a thousand times (like seriously, I've done the math) more effective than Halls at helping me maintain the upper register of my voice during Rocky Horror when I have a cold. Lower register is diminished to a hoarse whisper, but the lower register is always useless by the end of the show. even in the best possible circumstances. What a friend I have in Ricola.

2. The waitstaff at IHOP: Overworked and marginally competent do not mix well. I'd rather put up with incredibly poor treatment by the Perkins staff because at Perkins I at least get what I ask for. There may be somebody else's saliva in it because I've asked three times, but the point is that it makes it all the way to the table.

3. That car... is still... out there: There's been a car parked in front of our house for about a week. It has no plates and is far enough away from the curb to make it dangerous. Our mail carrier is writing us nasty notes which say things like "car in front of car." I think she means "car in front of box", though I could be wrong. The car should be moved or towed, but the police department is either ignoring our complaint or "waiting for just the right time." Guess which one it probably is?

R. Stand by R.E.M.: This is the fourth song on their album Green, but the tray insert on the CD says "R. Stand". What's up with that?
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