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Big Trouble in Weekend Update

On Friday theenigma42 met up with seanorange to see Rocky Horror performed by Chicago's Midnight Madness cast. What a show. The pre-show is somewhat disorganized and their theater rules could use a more rigid script (or else a more formal reading), but the actual performance was pretty damned fantastic. There was a lot of stuff going behind the focal point of the action which added a nice touch, and um, no offense to Velvet Darkness cast members who are reading this, but dramatic performances work better when you emote above the neck. Especially good were their Riff-Raff and Magenta, who interacted a lot with each other while more important things were happening on other parts of the stage. Good stuff.

This time we got to be the loud jerks who covered up the local callbacks. I think I succeeded in not being an unwelcome nuisance, but that was largely because I was trying to pick up new material for my own repertoire. There were a lot of good lines I hadn't heard before and I tried to remember them, but during the drive back the three of us lamented the fact that few if any of the mental Post-It!™s we'd made actually stuck.

At some point during the show the guy behind us -- who was loud and funny -- either left or went to sit somewhere else. I suppose either one is likely, and it was a big theater with a noisy crowd so he could definitely have relocated without us being able to hear him. I hope we didn't offend him. Either way, the callbacks around us lessened considerably about two thirds of the way through the show, so we had the floor. I felt a little weird about that; it's one thing to be a noisy and funny regular whom everybody knows, but an out-of-towner that covers up the local callbacks is about as welcome as Gallagher at a Mensa convention.

I had to be back early in the morning (comparatively, anyway), so we went back to Sean's pretty much immediately after the show. The original plan was to be asleep somewhere around 3:00. I'd get on the road around eight and Keith would get a ride back with Sean on Saturday night. I was wide awake though, and I knew I'd have a hard time coercing myself out of bed, so I decided to make the drive back first and sleep at home. Keith agreed to come home too, which is good because I appreciated having second opinion regarding the route back to the interstate. The drive was fine. It occurred to me as I was pulling into our driveway that I hadn't had any coffee since Wednesday morning, which makes this both the longest I've ever gone unintentionally without caffeine, and the longest I've been awake without it.

On Saturday I went to my uncle's house in Whitewater for lunch. I had to be up somewhat (read: much) earlier than I would have liked (9:40 or so), but I managed to function pretty well all day, I think. My cousin was having her eighth birthday, and my great aunt Ruth was visiting for the second or third time in my entire life. She's probably in her '80s (there's this thing called tact which prevents me from finding out), and though I don't think she's reached senility, she doesn't remember that she met me during her visit in 1998 or '99. It's probably the fact that I no longer have long hair. Or a goatee. Or that svelte 120 pound figure I maintained through high school.

Later on I had dinner with koriandrkitten and bluntobject at Tumbleweed. I'd never been there before. 's okay. Pretty average. I had the chicken quesadilla minus the chicken, which for some reason freaked Gemma out. Afterward we went back to her apartment and watched the movie Waiting..., which is sort of like Office Space set in a TGI Friday's. It's unremarkable, but has a few very funny moments. I wouldn't rent it to see it again, but I might watch it at your apartment if our other choice was Swingers. evil_jim showed up midway through the movie, and occupied himself with his dinner at the hint book for Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. He looked up a couple of times, but I think he only caught the worst parts of the movie.

The movie ended just in time for us to make it to Rocky. Better than average show. There was no sound when the film started, and after about a minute everything stopped. The cast stalled for a little while, and the projectionist informed us that due to some technical difficulty they'd be playing the movie without sound. I assumed that the entire audience would probably gradually trickle out during the first half of the film, but the sound kicked in about halfway through the opening credits. Pretty big crowd, very responsive. I really enjoyed myself, but I more or less crashed once it was done. Country Kitchen was closed so we went to Perkin's, and I think I made a pretty lousy dinner companion for Jim, agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead.

Today I woke up around 11:00, having gotten plenty of sleep to offset the way I've been mismanaging my schedule. Today was my choir performance, so that's where I've been all day. It was a good performance, and I'm always amazed at how these things pull together so well after we've spent a couple of months not sounding good and not getting any better. It's also amazing that I managed to bond with a few of the other singers after a couple of months of feeling unwelcome. Still, I'm going to try not to let myself be talked into coming back.

Anyway, the centerpiece of the concert was Mozart's Coronation Mass (that's K317, for those playing the home game), which I wasn't crazy about. I do like Mozart's choral works, but almost unfailingly they have a few highlights surrounded by a lot of filler. As far as I know this is not a popular opinion. The program was pretty much church music by dead white guys, which is really the kind of large-ensemble choral music I like.

My dad watched the concert, and afterward we went out for coffee, which I appreciated. I was trying to persuade my family not to attend (and for the most part they didn't -- Mom couldn't get out of working, and my sister was probably recuperating from her birthday party), but I'm probably in a better mood for it.
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