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"I bet you'd do the same if they was you."

The AEG and her one-year-old daughter are visiting us at work today. She's incredibly charming and playful, and I wish I could take her home.

Oh, her kid is cute, too.

She's running around and putting stuff in her mouth (the kid, not the AEG). This would normally be endearing, but I just read about another study which found that the average cubicle desk houses more bacteria than the events which inspired Let's Make the Water Turn Black (and here's an MP3 by The Sediments! You have no excuse not to know what I'm talking about!). I very much doubt that the squishy stress-relief balls here are any cleaner than the desks they sit on.

Oh, just FYI, the What TMBG Album Are You? quiz says that I'm Lincoln (big surprise, huh?), the Commonly Confused Words Test says that I'm an "English genius", and the Star Trek Personality Quiz says that I'm an anonymous redshirt destined to be eaten by something the moment we beam down. Apparently I suck, but at least I know the difference between there, their, and they're.
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