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"Happy Zombie Jesus Day!" the text message I received earlier from xmerrie1039x. And as much as I'd like to say it to lots and lots of people, I'm not sure how well it would go over. I can think of a couple of coworkers who would appreciate it, and plenty who might not. At all.

Anyway, this has been a good weekend, considering. See, I can always feel when the barometer drops (as it did a couple of days ago). It usually makes me depressed and irritable, but this time it's just made me feel sluggish and tired. It was worst on Friday, and that's too bad because Friday would have been a good night for me to be wide awake. evil_jim had made a post on his journal last week inviting everybody to a victory dinner to celebrating his emancipation from his job. As if to prove my theory that people don't pay serious attention to each other's blogs, there were only a few responses. We ended up going to Noodles with matt_william and laviorli, and then kicking around State Street for awhile.

Afterward we went back to Jim's place where Mary and I faded in and out of consciousness. She was battling a lack of sleep, but I'm pretty positive that my problem was the weather. crabmoon eventually came over and... I dunno. I remember that Jim treated us to fresh strawberries, and that I spent a good deal of time playing with one of his Game Boy Cameras, but I don't really recall much of the evening. I was sleepy.

Saturday was more of the same. I pretty physically useless for most of the day. Eventually ribsinbacon convinced me that I should take a walk with him, so we went downtown and walked around Monona Terrace and the State Street area. Later, theenigma42 came over and we hung out for awhile before heading to the Orpheum for Rocky Horror.

Last night's Rocky Horror show wasn't entirely a good time. Oh, the cast was fine. Actually, it was a "switch night", which meant that everybody was playing a role they weren't familiar with, usually a role of a different gender. I haven't seen a switch show in quite a long time. It was fun. Interesting. Nobody really knew what they were doing, but that was fine.

Unfortunately, the movie was too loud, and there was a very loud gentleman on the other side of the theater whose timing was lousy, whose callbacks weren't particularly good, and who kept turning toward us and yelling "you guys are doing it wrong!" Loud and unfunny are forgivable, I guess, because it's pretty much status quo at Rocky Horror. Madison has a lot of callbacks that you never hear anywhere else because a few people -- myself, r3507, and several others -- got tired of the same old swearing-in-a-movie-theater shtick and made a conscious effort to improve our repertoire. We tried to weed out the filler material and replace it with callbacks that actually are funny and creative. I guess the best policy for loud people is to do what they do as well as they can whether it's funny or not (after all, that's how good callbacks get spread around), but the idea that somebody at Rocky Horror is actually "doing it wrong" is simply ridiculous. A little after halfway through the movie the uh, gentleman and his companions walked out in disgust. Totally his fault, not ours.

Incidentally, on the subject of Madison-specific callbacks, I've decided that I'm going to do a different (and topical, if possible) "roses are red" poem at every show, since that's what I've done the last couple of times. Here's this week's poem, which is probably incredibly offensive:
Roses are red, like cranberry sauce!
If you want to get nailed, climb onto my cross.
See? You didn't really want to read that.

Country Kitchen was closed so we went to Perkins, and I really don't remember a whole lot of what went on there either. I do recall that all of the tables seated around us were listening intently to our conversations. Apparently members of the Rocky Horror crowd lead more interesting lives than the average after-bar time crowd.

Today my sister and I went to our parents' house for Easter dinner. No, we don't celebrate Easter, but it's a good excuse to get everybody in one place and feed them. After lunch we took photos of the puppies and watched The Bridge of San Luis Ray which was probably a good film, but I slept through all but the twenty minutes or so that bookended the story. I can't wait for the weather to change because I'm not depressed or stressed out, but I've just been so languid the last couple of days. I go through this every year (several times, in fact), so I know that it's definitely the air pressure, and I'm definitely ready for it to be over.
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