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Nothing of consequence, stated in 236 words

Yeah... I wish I had exciting things to post about here, but I don't. Everybody else has already posted about the golf-ball sized hail.*

My other news -- which neither one of us really cares about -- is that I've closed my MySpace account and opened a new one. I gave up on waiting for tech support to address the fact that I couldn't leave comments for my friends and the fact that I didn't show up on their Friend Space despite the fact that they'd obvious added me and the fact that my Friend requests weren't reaching other people and the fact that the custom URL I'd set up wasn't working and...

The new account works just fine. If you're a MySpace user who accepted me as a friend last week, don't be surprised to find another invitation from me for the new account. Anyway, the new page can be found at I don't anticipate using my MySpace account much, but I'm an egotist and I like being able to point new visitors to the sites I actually do use.

Anyway, I'm gonna finish watching The Magic Christian and go to bed. Have you ever seen The Magic Christian? No? That's a shame. You should watch The Magic Christian sometime.

* For those not living in Madison, WI and who don't share my friends list, the sky was raining golf-ball sized hail earlier.
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