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Sledgehammer Party Redux

Parts of this weekend were great. On Friday I had dinner with tempermemad and Ellen, and then went back to their new apartment for a good conversation. I didn't go home until a quarter to late. On Sunday, my sister and I went to our parents' house. I photographed puppies and went to choir practice.

Then there's what happened between Friday and Sunday. I'm sorry, but this is going to be one of those vague, short posts that I tend to make where I hint at all sorts of horrifying things happening under the placid surface of my life, but never actually reveal anything.

There was a party on Saturday night, and all manner of scandalous things happened (to other people, not to me). It's funny. I always have a bad time at parties given by this social group. I go home depressed and the next morning I'm sure that I'll never attend another one. I thought that this was a problem specific to me, but it sounds like everyone is going through it this time. People are seceding from the social group. Other people have vowed never to post to livejournal again.

The last time I heard about a party like this one, it was written by rob_matsushita, and ended with the participants dousing themselves in gasoline and lighting a cigarette.

It'll be interesting to see what happens next, and whether the group holds together. Hard to say whether anybody has pulled a lesson out of all of this. One hopes so, but I keep making the same mistakes over and over, and I don't see anybody else doing any better.

Confidential to those who attended Saturday night's party: Please do not douse yourselves in gasoline.
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