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Insert obscure Ike Willis reference here

You know how sometimes somebody posts a story on their livejournal about something that actually happened to them, but you discount it as a fabrication because it's just unlikely? This is one of those.

I went to OfficeMax yesterday on my lunchbreak, and was followed around the store by an African American gentelman doing an exaggerated King Fish accent. He kept saying things like "white boy ain't gonna buy no stylus" and "say there white boy, you gon' buy a stylus for your Pocket PC? No sir, no how. I don't need one." and "I'll just be passin' on by the stylus display."

It was kind of unnerving because he was definitely following me and definitely directing it at me, but it was meant to be a one-sided conversation. I was working on deciding whether I should just leave (understand, I hadn't endured this longer than a minute and a half -- and that's a generous estimate) when I rounded a corner. Another sales associate dodged out of my way, and as he did so he shot a glance at the other guy which looked like a "please don't do this to our customers" sort of glance. A moment later I realized that I was no longer being followed.

I finished my shopping and was standing in line when the guy who'd been following me opened another register and said he could help me. I brought my stuff over there, paid for it, and was just turning to leave when he said, "Honey, did you sell that white boy a stylus for his PDA? Mmm mmm. No ma'am, he just wanted some labels for his printer."

So um... how should I have dealt with that?
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